B2B and Consumer Samples (But first 122 words from our sponsor)

  • 22 years as one of Chicago's most successful independent writers and President of Ardito Creative Enterprises (ACE), a writing and full-service creative resource for national and international clients
  • 3 years as a writer for Foote Cone & Belding Advertising Agency, Chicago. Noted leader in writing community. Helped start Independent Writers of Chicago (IWOC) and served as Charter President
  • 5 years as senior pharmaceutical/corporate writer for Purohit Navigation, Chicago (formerly Donahoe Purohit Miller)
  • Diverse skills that combine pharmaceutical writing expertise with vast writing experience in these arenas: consumer, B2B, medical, electronic (Websites & e-mail blasts), financial, promotion, journalism, humor, audio visual, industrial and training
  • Specialty in clever, inventive, engaging writing that adds impact and involvement to typically straightforward materials
  • Written for world's largest businesses, facilities, institutions, and associations from Abbott Labs and Baxter to Walgreen's and Zenith

The Script

We threw away the script when it came to this breakthrough newsletter for Eisai Pharmaceuticals.

Halfway There

Fab FedEx Gulf Story

In 2010, I got a chance to write and help produce my second favorite assignment of all time: this 28-page story, coloring and activity book on FedEx efforts to help save Loggerhead Turtle hatchlings from the horrible Gulf oil spill. Over 70,000 hatchlings were saved and I got to tell the wonderful and hope-bearing story to kids and others around the world.

Face in the Flambe

How do you get sales reps to read 90 pages of boring facts about a potassium supplement? Package all the training in a murder mystery as compelling as a John Grisham novel. Whodunnit? Yours truly, working with graphic designer Fred Knapp, in New Jersey who gave it a 50s' murder-mystery feel.

Interlink Needless IV Access System

Swell sell sheet for Baxter 4/28/2010.

A nit-picker, a lunatic, and a cheapskate

Here's a B2B ad with a headline right out of the game show, Jeopardy. What's the question? Name the three types of personalities you need to run a successful ad agency?

Throw Mother Nature a Curve

Here's a consumer ad with a headline I love. So did my plastic surgeon client who turned the ad into a billboard. The headline made the transition from stopping newspaper readers in their tracks to just plain stopping traffic.

Rep with the X-Ray Eyes

You can see right through this effort to bring a "back-of-the comic-book style" to a rep training booklet on Nasonex. It came complete with x-ray glasses, but they didn't really work. The idea did though. Reps read it cover to cover.