Promotion and Food Samples

In Food, Presentation Is Everything

Here's the small taste of a few delicious things I've written as head of Ardito Creative Enterprises in the area of food, foodservice and food promotion, though my promotional experience extends far beyond simply food. Count on me for:
  • Promotional strategizing
  • Concept development
  • Writing of everything from package copy to FSIs and beyond

Fresh Breakfast & Snacks

Sorry there's no color here, but the
assignment was colorful—write a
hard-selling promo piece for Rich

Quaker Chewy Granola Bars

Tagline Time: The recent need for Quaker was to come up with a tagline for their package targeted at moms who want to make their kids happy—versus a positioning having to do with health or nutrition. The line I came up with was/is...Delight up a face


Here's a two-sided sell sheet for Kudos from Mars—the company, not the planet, though the piece is out of this world


Pouring it on with a packaging concepts for Hi-C. The C also stands for Collaboration—synergy between a writer and graphic designer/illustrator to make magic like this happen