General Healthcare, Including Pharmaceutical

  • Brand Writer (Purohit Navigation Healthcare Agency) 2005-2009
  • Lead writer: (Derm products) Eletone, Locoid Lipocream, Pramosone, Renova, SOLODYN, TRIAZ, Increlex specialty product for short statue children; Quill SRS barbed wound closure device; Analpram HC anorectcal pain relief; Mastasol medical adhesive and Detachol adhesive remover; American Orthopaedic Association Own the Bone fragility fracture prevention program
  • 7-time award winner (Global,  IN-AWE, Rx Club) including Global Gold Award (1st place nationally) for Increlex in 2007
  • Project Writer for World's Largest Pharma Companies, Hospitals, Associations, Healthcare Organizations
    • Abbott Diagnostic Division – National sales meeting theme development, videos
    • Abbott Pharmaceutical Products Division – Depakote rep sell sheets, concept development
    • American Dental Association – 5 films on dental care
    • American College of Surgeons– National radio spots against driving and drinking
    • Baxter Healthcare – Branding, sales force incentive programs, IV Systems videos, audio tapes, journalism for company Intranet
    • Evanston Northwestern Hospitals – Video on brand identity
    • MacNeal Hospital –  Corporate identity development
    • Pfizer – e-learning tool print materials
    • Schering Plough/Merck – Newsletters, sales force automation materials, brochures for Claritin, Nasonex,  K-DUR
    • Walgreens – Newsletter to deans of pharmacy schools

Hydrolipid Technology

And here's the evolution now. Same product, but totally rebranded and repositioned to fight eczema with Hydrolipid Technology. Locoid Lipocream (and total Rxs) never looked so good.

Locoid Lipocream

Meet the Double Agent (on the case with efficacy and elegance for Locoid Lipocream corticosteroid). The Double Agent did one heck of a job for 3 years then evolved brilliantly.

Meet Analpram HC®

No buts about it, a simple and pointed direct mail rhyme became an effective way to pitch OB-GYNS

Know and Grow

Here's a direct to consumer piece designed to grow caregiver knowledge about Severe Primary IGFD –a hormone deficiency that causes kids to be super-short. Fortunately, Increlex is on hand to cause these kids to sprout—not only hope but actual inches!

Promius™ Pharma Takes Flight

The challenge?
Launch a company and a product using branding and a creative platform that captures Promius Pharma's dedication to innovation and its unlimited potential.

The answer?
Turn to a Tangram, a Chinese puzzle with pieces that can be rearranged to form an infinite variety of geometric shapes. The company, like the puzzle, offers unlimited possibilities.